It is crazy to think that we are already well into the first week of Lent 2020 – it seems like only yesterday we were busy with our Advent preparations! Although Lent is also a time of preparation, it takes a much more sombre and reverent atmosphere for ultimately it is a season of reflection, repentance and then eventually, renewal.

As is tradition here at St Edmund Arrowsmith, the whole school took part in their year group Ash Wednesday service, with all staff and students received their Ashes as a sign of solidarity – that we are observing Lent together as a faith community. 

The services took place in the school hall and were lovely moments of reflection and contemplation during the busy school day. We prayed as a community to heed God’s call to give alms, fast and to pray and asked God to open are eyes, ears and hearts to his Word so that could truly understand what He means in our lives.

During the services, all pupils wrote a Lenten Pledge – a promise of what they will do during this Lent; whether that be a promise to pray, fast or give to others. These pledges have then been used to make the paving stones for a road display in our school foyer to remind us both of the purpose of Lent - to prepare a way for the death and resurrection of our Lord – but also our whole school Mission.

Ash Wednesday is always one of my favourite days in the liturgical year as the visible and prominent mark of repentance is clear to see on the foreheads of everyone in our community – it serves as a reminder that no matter how hard we try to be good Christians, sons, daughters, parents or friends, we are all still sinners yet humble enough to recognise our faults and work through them – especially during this most special season of Lent. 

By Mrs M Ruane - Chaplain