On the 8th February, I travelled in anticipation and excitement to St George's Park near Staffordshire to begin the initial football training weekend. This was in preparation for the most important part, playing for my country. Over the weekend we had to train 3 times which got us ready for the match. 


On the 11th February the day had finally come, it was possibly one of the best days of my life so far, I represented England U15s against Belgium. It was a fantastic experience and I felt we all played really well. In the build-up to the game I was very nervous, representing my whole country felt like a big deal, but it was a real achievement that I had been selected and once the game began, I really enjoyed it. 


The game was really exciting as we were playing against some of the top players from Belgium. After much anticipation and hard work, we managed to come out on top and win the game 2-1! It was a special moment for me, the team and my family who all watched from the side. 


My family are extremely proud of me and I am proud of myself. I feel honoured that I represented England and I am sure I will never forget such a memorable day.


By Niall O10A