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Year 8 pupils are encouraged to build on the strong foundations they developed in year 7 by a dedicated team of form tutors. With the new pastoral curriculum pupils focus on their friendship groups and are challenged to think about the role they can play in creating a positive environment for them and others. They will analyse their motivations and those of others to critically assess their place in the school environment. This process is carried out through the key themes of: ‘Making and keeping positive relationships’ and ‘Internet safety’. 

Careers is now mandatory at year 8 and through the guidance of Mrs Paul this is delivered by form tutors as they introduce pupils to the ‘U-Explore’ package. These sessions will provide an introduction to the potential careers and pathways that pupils might explore. In consecutive years pupils will be issued with individual passwords to register on their own account and will be able to build up a profile which will support them in helping to make important decisions about their future options and careers choices.

This is an important year for our pupils as they transition from settling in to making option choices. During this year they will establish the routines and friendships which will form the basis for their young adult life. The overarching aim is Broadening Horizons, we strive to provide them with the support, information and skills they will need to enjoys successful, fulfilling lives and careers and in some small way give them a desire to make the world in which they live a better place. 

Senior Learning Coordinator - Mrs A Doolan

Assistant Learning Coordinator - Mr R Cotton

We hope to develop the character of all students in order that they are able to access all academic and extra-curricular opportunities available to them with greater resilience and determination.

 In order to do this, bespoke programmes which support the attitudes and aspirations of students academically, have been designed and a wide range of additional opportunities are offered to students e.g. The Fashion Show Programme and various Wigan Athletic Programmes. It is hoped that the aforementioned opportunities will allow students to broaden their experiences and enhance their cultural capital. 

A 'Year 8 Beat your Best Challenge' takes place throughout the year in order to motivate students in all aspects of their school life; attendance, punctuality, achievement/behaviour points, form time participation and contributions to the wider community of St Edmund Arrowsmith. Students are rewarded for their efforts with a Christmas party and Easter Party. Students who complete the challenge successfully in term 3 will visit St John Rigby College in  order to gain an insight into life at college and the wide range of opportunities available to them! 

Students also have the opportunity to work on a sports programme in conjunction with Wigan Athletic in order to motivate, enthuse and inspire other students in the year group.

Student Comments 

The St John Rigby Challenge made me want to work harder to get to the top. I wanted a place on the trip because I feel that it will be a good opportunity and will be a useful insight to college life. By setting a challenge I think it made people want to work harder and get past the boundaries to experience the trip. It made me want to get the most achievement points I could and get 100% attendance. I think quite a few people share the same opinion as me and feel the same way. The St John Rigby Challenge gave me something to work for and aim for and I think it was really useful!

Niamh 8C

The Wigan Athletic Programme made me think about how a football club is actually run and that there is a lot of behind the scenes work that occurs to make a football club the best it could possibly be. Also, when I am older I would like to be involved in the sport industry so the programme was really useful to me and now I feel I could confidently speak about how a club is run. Also it has helped me develop my confidence skills even further as I had to do a ‘pretend manager’ press conference. As well as this, it made me communicate more with people that I wouldn’t usually speak to. This was a great opportunity and it was really useful!

Nathan 8M

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