What a strange and uncertain world we are living in at the moment. The confusion that the news stories are causing can really impact on our day to day lives even though many of us are trying to carry on as normal. 

‘Normal’ is exactly what we did on Monday 16th March. We went ahead with our annual evening of Reconciliation and extended the invite to staff, students, governors, friends and family members to join us in school for a service of reconciliation and for the opportunity to receive the individual sacrament of confession. 


It is important now more than ever that we seek the Father’s forgiveness - for this special gift is the sort of spiritual healing that we are most in need of in times of crisis. It was, therefore, pleasing to see so many of our St Edmund Arrowsmith community join us for our evening of reflection. I hope you all agree that it was a much welcomed hour of stillness and peace.


During our service, we contemplated the different areas in our life that we may need to seek forgiveness for – this could be within our families, within our friendship groups, or with God Himself. Staff and students led us in prayers, hymns, examinations of conscience and even dramatization. And although we weren’t breaking records with the number of people in attendance, those that did join us truly felt the quiet intimacy of worshiping together.


Maybe it is fitting that we are experiencing these difficulties during Lent – it perhaps draws us nearer to Christ as we contemplate just how much he suffered for the sins of the world. Whenever it gets too much, we can turn to Him for strength and hope, and take comfort knowing that the Father loves us and has a plan. 


“Lord, it was an uncertain time for you when you were alone in the desert, when you were betrayed by your friends, when you were sentenced to death and when you were crucified on the cross. 


Now, too, is an uncertain time for the whole of humankind as we face together this confusing virus. 


Be with us during this confusion, as you were with your disciples and followers in their hours of need.


Help us to keep sight of the end, that there is hope and that our faith in you will lead us out of the darkness. 


          Watch over us, guide us, keep us safe and protect us from distress. Amen.