Bring that Effort Every Single Day

This quotation is so simple, yet effective and is one message that we want to resonate throughout our school community.
... it's about bringing that effort every single day
If you put the effort in, you get the results you deserve and our job is to help our young people to also…
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Welcome to the start of another exciting year of learning

Image of Welcome to the start of another exciting year of learning

From Y7 pupils to Y11 pupils - getting ready for a new academic year is exciting and daunting in equal measure. I will let you into a little secret – teachers experience exactly the same feelings!  

I like to use a joke for Y7 parents which I've borrowed from Mr Eyes, former Deputy Headteacher…

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It's the end of another academic year!

Image of It's the end of another academic year!

I have stated in my last letter to you this year that it has been an extremely challenging year, with many obstacles along the way, but the response from staff, pupils and parents has been magnificent! I could not be prouder of our whole school community, this is what makes us so special and as we…

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Wednesday 27 May 2021

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Driving to work this morning, the fields were much greener after all the rain that we have had recently and my thoughts were that it makes the world seem more hospitable than it has felt of late.  With the restrictions on the wearing of face masks lifted, it has been so lovely seeing the…

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Wednesday 31 March 2021

Image of Wednesday 31 March 2021

On the day that we break for Easter, I wanted to share some fantastic work with you that our teachers have sent to me because they are so proud of the attitude to learning from pupils in their classes.

It has been such a tough year for everyone, but now the sun is shining; there is really…

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Monday 8 February 2021

Image of Monday 8 February 2021

I've learned that February used to be called 'Cabbage month' … perhaps the medieval English were eating a lot of cabbages during February?  Another more popular name was Solmonath, which literally means 'mud month' which judging by the amount of rain we have had recently, very apt! 


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Thursday 7 January 2021 - Happy New Year

Image of Thursday 7 January 2021 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year … and what a start to the year we have had already!   


I would like to thank all parents/carers, pupils and every member of staff for their understanding and co-operation with the last-minute changes that were enforced upon all schools at the start of this week.   Myself and…

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