10 July 2018

College Life

On Wednesday 4th July, Year 10 took part in St John Rigby’s Taster Day to get a feel of college life. We lined up in the sweltering heat on the yard, waiting for our buses to arrive and take us to this wonderful college.

5 July 2018

A Record-Breaking Sports Day

That sun continued to shine brightly in the sky as competitors, pupils and staff filed onto the dusty playing fields, ready for one of the highlights in our school calendar.

29 June 2018

On the Right Path

Well, we have been totally blessed this week. Not only have we had a fantastic Mission Week, where the whole school community came together as one, but the sun also shone brightly on our annual St Peter & St Paul Mass.

29 June 2018

Learning at Leeds!

On Friday 15th June, a large group of Year 10 pupils went on a trip to visit Leeds University to give us an idea of what ‘Uni Life’ would be like.

26 June 2018

World Karate Championships Success for Amber

I have been training at karate since I was three years old and have been training with The English Karate Academy since I was five. 

21 June 2018

A Day at the Beach

On Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th June, the Year 10 geography classes went on an essential trip for our GCSE studies.

20 June 2018

Inter-Regional Volleyball Championships 2018

The Inter-Regional Volleyball Championships took place in The National Volleyball Centre in Kettering over the bank holiday weekend 26th-28th May 2018.

19 June 2018

Performing Arts Workshop

On Friday 15th June, a group of year 9 students were selected to take part in a Performing Arts Workshop. We were all picked because we had chosen drama as one of our options for our GCSEs.

18 June 2018

Bee There or Bee Square!

For the annual Spelling Bee at St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School – held this year on Friday 15th July 2018 – a fiercely contested Last Man (Person!) Standing. The fiercely contested preliminary competition held on Tuesday saw two contestants emerging winners: Patrick M and Radaslaw.

14 June 2018

Meet our New Head Boy and Head Girl

It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our new head boy and girl for the coming year. As you will see from their comments, the selection process this year was more rigorous than ever! We are certain that John and Kiera will be fantastic ambassadors for our school and will work tirelessly with their deputies and senior prefect team to enhance and showcase what an amazing community spirit we have here at Eddies.

7 June 2018

Library has the WOW Factor!

Just look at the transformation in the library! As you can see, the tables and chairs in the library had seen better days and we decided it was time for a bit of a re-vamp.