Law in Sheffield: Adam Smith 

Hi, my name is Adam Smith, and I studied at St Edmund Arrowsmith from 2012-2017; today I am writing as a second year LLB Law student at the University of Sheffield. The reason for such an article is for a few things: to introduce university life (and the legal discipline), social and academic opportunities in higher education, including a year abroad, and to promote my new sports-law blog, ‘The Legal Pitch’. As a brief overview of me, I went onto Carmel College after studying at Eddies, achieving A*AB in Law, English Literature and History A-Levels, and was accepted onto the Law degree at Sheffield (4 years with a year abroad).


Whilst university may seem a ‘million miles away’ for some students, it’s never too early to research institutions, opportunities and subjects. Participating early in opportunities given to me by Eddies, has led to where I am today, pursuing a career as a commercial/corporate law solicitor. For any student thinking ‘Law’ or that excel in areas such as English, History Geography etc. this article might be for you. 


University Life studying Law:


The life of a Law degree can be extremely tough, with extensive amounts of reading and constant deadlines, however, it is thoroughly enjoyable learning about different legal sectors such as EU, Contract and Property Law. Engagement from early is key in developing your analytical skillset necessary to pursue such a degree, so whilst you might not think there is any connection between high school/college and university, there certainly is! A typical studying week in Sheffield (during the pandemic) usually consists of around four 2 hour online lectures, and between 1-3 seminars a week, on top of the compulsory reading for all modules; due to the work-heavy nature of a Law degree, it is important to find other activities to keep your mind occupied. I currently play football for the university team and am captain of the Law Society team, running the club. Competing in sporting activities are certainly important to relax from the degree.


I am also a student advisor at FreeLaw (a scheme which gives free legal advice to the Sheffield community). Again, there is a direct link to studies at Eddies, as applications to such schemes have minimum A*-A GCSE requirements. Twice a month, I interview clients and give legal aid to our community on a plethora of issues, ranging from landlord-tenant disputes to family law. A piece of advice would certainly be to ‘throw yourself’ into university life, take every opportunity as it will always help will applications later in life (as is the same for high school). 


Year Abroad:


Speaking of making the most of opportunities, I decided to study a four-year course which specialises in 3rdyear in EU and International Law. As a result, I will be spending next year in a foreign institution, most likely to be Utrecht, Turin or Antwerp. Although I am yet to study abroad, I knew from an early age this is what I wanted to do and continued to develop langauge skills from GCSE level. I will likely be studying Human Rights Law, Constitutional Law and Commercial Law (in English and a foreign language), which will not only develop my legal skills, but allow me to be immersed in a brand-new culture. Following this, I hope to apply for a Training Contract (to be a solicitor) at a London commercial based firm.


Sports-Law Blog: The Legal Pitch:


After giving a brief insight into a Law degree, I am offering an opportunity for all students (Y7-11) to develop their legal and sporting interests by reading my sports-law blog. There is no better way to introduce yourself to a subject than read into said discipline. The articles written here are by me and supported by other Law students, graduates and trainee solicitors, which will provide key insight into the subject. The articles are not ‘too heavy’, and hence take both a journalistic and legal outlook, and will focus entirely on a new sporting development (e.g. Lionel Messi’s contractual dispute with FC Barcelona). When applying for university, it is important to reference scholarly articles/things you have read to enhance your knowledge in a certain subject, and by reading this blog, you are introduced to specific elements of law you will study at Law School.


If you are merely interested in football/any other type of sport, this blog will still appeal to you!


The blog can be accessed via and you can follow us for all updates on @thelegalpitch (Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook).


Although articles may not make entire sense to non-law students, it will certainly make a good sporting read and introduce you to some key issues in law. The blog will also make good reading for teachers wishing to expand on (non)existing legal knowledge/support a former student.


If anyone would like to contact me to ask any further questions about anything mentioned in this piece, please email me at


- Adam Smith