Following a very thorough process, we are delighted to introduce to you our new Head Boy and Head Girl! After a challenging start to the year, we spoke to them both about the interview process and their thoughts on this exciting position. We would like to congratulate them both on this well deserving accolade.

I am delighted and privileged to be appointed as Head Boy. When I was told I was going to be Head Boy I couldn’t believe the outstanding news. My family and I are still extremely proud of this huge achievement. I am delighted to take the role on as Head Boy, and I am more than happy to represent the school inside and outside. It is really important to me to be an excellent role model to others and continue having high standards in every aspect of school life. The role of Head Boy has been an aspiration of mine since Year 7 and now I have achieved this I couldn’t be prouder. It will be a fantastic challenge for me and one that I am definitely ready to face.

The process to become Head Boy was definitely difficult but a great experience to have an interview which will help me when I have interviews in the future. Firstly, I had to apply to be a Senior Prefect, in the application I expressed why I would be suitable for the role. I expressed my strengths and what I would bring to the team. I was then informed I made it through to the interview stage in which I had to prepare a presentation and talk about how I would suit the role. I also talked about how I would face certain challenges and how I would work very well with the rest of the team. The following week was when I received the brilliant news that I had been successful in the first stage of the interview stage and made it through to the next process in which I was competing to be Head Boy. Up against 5 other exceptional candidates, the following process was a lot more comfortable and I felt a lot less nervous. This time I was asked a series of questions and put into certain scenarios and was asked what I would do to solve the problems. Later that day, after a tough process of selection, it was announced that I had been given the special and prestigious role of being Head Boy. From the moment it was announced I was fully committed to the job and was instantly ready to fulfil the role.

My time at St Edmund Arrowsmith has been a very exciting and enjoyable experience. I have participated in many extracurricular activities such as: playing in the school football team, being captain and vice-captain in each of the 4 years, being form captain and participating in form assemblies. I think my positive attitude towards school has helped me to be successful and I think the hard work that I have shown has been rewarded. My time at Eddies has been massively supported by all my teachers, in particular my form tutor (Mr. Bradley) who has helped me immensely in every aspect of school and has made school life a lot more comfortable for me and I am grateful for his and all my teachers' help along my school journey.

In the next year my aim is to make school a better place, and along with Head Girl Fraya, and the Senior Prefect Team, tackle any challenges that we may face. I hope I can fulfil the high standards that come with the role and I believe I can be a role model to other students at St Edmund Arrowsmith.

- Niall Osborne 11A


Four years ago, I came to St Edmund Arrowsmith feeling anxious and a bit nervous at what the next 5 years would bring. I am extremely thankful for the school making me feel comfortable in the new environment to work and learn in, it is because of this nurturing environment that I was able to excel and grow as a student.


I am now delighted to be able to say that I am the newest Head Girl at the school.

I was extremely happy when I found out I was Head Girl and my family were really proud to. This role is one that I have always aspired to be, so I am extremely thankful for the opportunity that I have been given. Overall I am very proud to be able to represent such an amazing school this year and be a positive role model towards others. I am also I’m looking forward to the challenges this role has as it will Increase my own personal development.


The process to becoming Head Girl was a challenging one as there was a lot of amazing other girls in the running. Firstly, I had to write an application for a senior prefect interview which explained my commitment to school and what clubs and extra-curricular things I do outside of school.  During the interview I had to state whether I wanted to be considered for Head Girl, then they would announce if you had been shortlisted afterwards. After waiting nervously, I found out I was short-listed, and I was ecstatic but also a little bit nervous at what the next stage would entail. I decided to just be myself, try my best and thankfully after my interview had finished I was really happy with how it had gone. Finally, when my name was announced that I was the new Head Girl, I was over the moon and really proud of what I had achieved.  I can’t wait to see what this year has in store.


During my time at Eddies, I have enjoyed participating in school activities such as playing in the school netball team (Where I was lucky enough to captain for three years.), being my forms sports captain, ROAR programme and participating in form assemblies. In particular, the sports teams have been a big part of my school life. Being part of teams such as netball, volleyball, rounder’s, hockey etc., has improved my teamwork skills and resulted in me taking part in numerous competitions where we have been able to bring back rewards and also gain personal achievements. I feel like all of these things, along with having positive attitude to anything that is thrown at me, have contributed to me being appointed as Head Girl. Additionally, I feel that all of my teachers over my time at Eddies have thoroughly supported and encouraged me, giving me the confidence to apply for this role.


This year I am looking forward to being Head Girl, working alongside our Head Boy Niall, the senior prefect team and acting as a good, positive role model to other pupils in the school. I hope to fulfil the high standards set by the previous Head Girls and I have the intention of being a positive and enthusiastic leader in my final year at St Edmund Arrowsmith.


- Fraya Walker 11L