On Monday 27th January I was honoured to be the recipient of The Ian Chapman Award at my St John Ambulance Cadet Unit. 


Ian Chapman was a beloved member of the organisation for many years who sadly passed away. The award was created in his memory to inspire, encourage and recognise the hard work and dedication of current and future members of the organisation.


I was so pleased to be chosen  by my cadet leader to receive this award and was chosen for completing over 100 hours of voluntary service at events in the local community. Some of these events included; assisting with the medical team for the fans at Anfield Football Club as well as Wigan Athletics and Wigan Warriers. In addition to this I also volunteered at local events and fundraisers.


I'm proud to be a member of St John Ambulance because not only has it taught me crucial life skills such as how to administer first aid, it has also given me amazing friendship opportunities and a real sense of community. In the short two years I have been a member I really think I have accomplished a lot.


By Molly R 11M