On Thursday 7th November, the former Year 11 pupils assembled one final time at the annual certificate presentation evening to celebrate their successes throughout their time at St Edmund Arrowsmith. It was a great opportunity for the former pupils to gather together and see other pupils and teachers they had not seen since July.

Once all of the former pupils had been seated in their forms, for one final time, the event began with Mr Westhead, the Chair of Governors, giving an inspirational introduction to the evening, followed by a celebratory performance from the Y7 Choir. A brilliant performance from all involved.

After this, the hugely anticipated certificate presentation began. The pupils were welcomed to the stage in groups of five to collect their GCSE certificates, followed by a congratulatory handshake from Mr Dumican, Mrs Doolan, Mrs Burke and this year’s guest of honour, Mr David Molyneux.

Once all certificates had been presented, the school was privileged to welcome the guest of honour (who has recently been appointed as the executive leader of Wigan Council) to the stage. Councillor Molyneux made a thought-provoking speech in which he shared his views about the importance of our school and young people in the Wigan Borough. He spoke about the impacts of climate change and how young people like the former Year 11s in our community can have a huge impact on these global issues.  He also made it clear that, "Any young person can be what they want to be as long as they are focused and driven." His inspirational words undoubtedly resonated with everyone in the hall and it was such a great honour to have such an influential and important person at the certificate evening.

Next, the former Head Girl, Kiera, and Head Boy, John, offered their words of appreciation and gratitude on behalf of their year group to all staff and of course other pupils who had made their time at St Edmund Arrowsmith so unforgettable. The presentation concluded with Mr Dumican making an emotional speech saying goodbye to all of the former Year 11 pupils for the last time before finishing with his favourite prayer, 'Do it anyway' written by Mother Teresa. After this touching ending delivered by Mr Dumican, everyone made their way into the dining hall for refreshments to celebrate and reflect upon their superb achievements.

The certificate evening was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone in attendance and we were delighted to be present at such a memorable event.


By Nathan W 11M and Amelia C 11O