It gives me great pleasure to inform you that the year 8 Rugby team won the North West Counties title yesterday evening.   

The game was a true arm wrestle, we started on the front foot, setting the tempo by forcing the error in the opening set and duly scoring from the restart.  St Peters Hit back with three unanswered tries gifted to them by our own errors, but luckily only converted one of them.  With a minute remaining till half time we restarted the game and forced a turn over and we crossed in the corned after a well worked play moving the ball quickly through the hands going in at half time 14-8 behind.   

The half time team talk was a easy one to make as it was just a simple case of look over your shoulders as the Eddies team, seemingly fresh and standing looked to see the Peters side sitting and lying down.  The second half was our time to roll down the hill and dominate.  The forwards where inspiring with standout efforts from all to lay the platform for a dominant performance.  We ended up taking the game with a 26-34 victory. 

To say there was a stand out performance would be unfair to the teams effort as everyone’s individual moments, some being Ben’s fantastic catch, Dragos’ 1 on 1 rip, Finlay's cannonball charges down the middle, Joseph's two amazing touchline conversions and Callum's moments of brilliance in the centers are some to name a few, all contributed to the excellent team performance.   

If you see any of the team please offer them the congratulations they so richly deserve as after the two disappointments last year of losing in finals this was a reward for all the hard work they have put in. 

Lastly, thank you to all the staff who attended, the support was truly appreciated not just by the pupils but by Miss Walsh and myself also.

D Hind