Our annual Awards Ceremony took place in the school hall this year but unfortunately due to covid restrictions at the time we couldn’t come together as a full school. Each year group had an Awards Assembly instead where they came together to celebrate the year groups different achievements. 

There are many awards to be won across all different subjects. Two of the most prestigious awards at St Edmund Arrowsmith are the Liam Disley Award and Peter Philips Award. This year, we have two new awards the Jo Evans Award and the Sue McDonnell Awards which are also very special to us.

The Liam Disley Award is presented to the pupil who goes above and beyond and over their five years has contributed significantly to school life. Robbie E 11C one of our Deputy Head Boy’s is a perfect example of that. Robbie always goes that extra mile for everyone and never gives up, a well-deserved winner of this prestigious award. Normally this would be presented by Liam’s Dad and Brother and hopefully next year we can invite them in to present this award for us. 


The Peter Philips Award is normally presented by Peter Philips our retired Headteacher. This award is presented to the person who has made the most academic all-round progress since joining the school.

"You should always be the best person you can possibly be, by giving your all, to never give up and always try your best to succeed"

The well-deserved winner this year is James S 11L, well done James.


Winning the award was truly great. I am very happy with my progress; I always knew the ability was there it's just the effort was not so I'm glad I've changed in that regard and it hasn't gone unnoticed. I know what I need to do for the rest of my time here at school to end with the best grades possible and I will maintain the qualities that won me the award in order to do that. 


- James S 11L


The Jo Evans Award is a very special award, this year group more than any other will remember Mrs Evans as our Head of Mathematics, she was a wonderful person and fantastic teacher who was loved by all. Mrs Evans died on Sunday 7 June 2020, and we have all missed her and continue to miss her greatly. 

This Award reflects all the fantastic efforts, carried out in a lovely way that Mrs Evans did on a day-to day basis, always trying her best, always encouraging, always willing to share a laugh and a joke. These were the qualities which characterised Mrs Evans and these are the qualities we see in the recipient today. We would like to congratulate Robert Morris our Head Boy who has won this award. We caught up with Robert to find his reactions to winning this special award.

I am honored to have won the Jo Evans Award. It really means a lot to me to have been recognised and rewarded and it makes me feel proud of my mathematical achievements I’ve accomplished whilst at school. I hope to keep progressing in the subject during my time at St Edmund Arrowsmith and beyond.’


- Robert M 11L




Our Sue McDonnell Award is in honour of Mrs McDonnell who loved all aspects of sport and PE, but her work in Dance has been truly exceptional. Mrs McDonnell started working as a PE teacher; was promoted to the Head of PE and then went back to a PE teacher. However, she retires this year, having worked an incredible 45 years at our school. This Award is for a pupil who has shown that they can perform to the highest level in whatever they may do and do so with great enthusiasm and joy. Congratulations to Gabrielle Forshaw, we spoke to Gabrielle to find out her thoughts on winning this new award.


‘Winning the Sue McDonnell award means to me that my hard work as someone who is a performer has payed off and seen by members of the school. It helps me in the future as I want a career in performing whether it's acting or musical theatre. I am thrilled to be the first person to win this award and can't wait to see who will be awarded in the next year.’


- Gabrielle F 11G