On Friday 20th December, Mrs McDonnell and her dancers put together the most extraordinary day of fundraising we’ve had in a while! Our aim – to raise as much money as we could to enable our friends from our partner school in Soweto to come over for a reciprocal visit this July. In short – the more money we raised, the more children we can afford to bring over from South Africa. 

With this in mind, Mrs McDonnell decided that a ‘Dance for Soweto’ was needed! Pupils across all year groups were able to pay £1 to buy a ticket to get out of class and join the dancers and other pupils in the school hall for an hour of dancing, fun and laughter. The school dance group led the dances and taught participants the moves in which everyone copied – it truly was a wonderful day!

In addition to this, those who did not want to join in with the dance if that wasn’t their ‘thing’ then pupils were given the opportunity to come into school with a Christmas jumper on. The same rules applied – if they wished to wear one then they had to pay £1! We aptly named this initiative ‘Sweaters for Soweto’! The whole school certainly looked very festive and cheery. 

In total, for one school day on the last day of term, our school raised an incredible £1346!! And we couldn’t be happier about the prospect of welcoming our partner school in July! 

Alicia J 10C