On the 27th of September, the Year 7 community gathered in the sports hall to celebrate the start of their journey at St. Edmund Arrowsmith. Father John Gorman held the mass as he delivered the message that we needed to embrace God’s word. We were also told the parable of the sower and his seeds. Father John explained that as Christians, our aim should be to become the seeds in the good soil, that listen and show God’s word in their lives. Collectively, we sang many hymns that the year group had practiced in their music lessons, and Year 7 represented the school tremendously in front of their parents and families.

The theme of the mass was to welcome the pupils into the school. Father John explained to us that we may come across setbacks, however we must overcome them. He also told us that Jesus would always be there with us; all we need to do is believe in him and trust him. As Year 7 pupils we can safely say that the mass was a good way to start our new journey in school together. 

All the students in Year 7 are looking forward to their first year at St. Edmund Arrowsmith and the opportunities, clubs and friendships that will bring. The welcome mass was a great way to bring everyone together and make us all feel supported.

By Owen G 7B