Mr K Abbott Apprentice Science Technician 
Mrs S Birmingham  Teaching Assistant Level 1
Mrs S Bowen-read Librarian 
Mrs K Chambers Finance Officer
Miss M Clayton  Repographics/Admin Assistant 
Mr D Cottington Site Maintenance Assistant
Mrs D Davis  Teaching Assistant Level 2
Mrs J Denton Inclusion Manager 
Mrs D Gilpin Teaching Assistant Level 3
Mr D Glover Site Maintenance Assistant
Miss A Hanson Apprentice IT Technician 
Miss J Hampson Technology and Art Assistant/Teaching Assistant Level 1
Mr D Heaton Assistant Network Manager 
Mr S Hill Cover Supervisor
Mr M Hindley Apprentice IT Technician 
Mr J Hooton Data, Examinations and SIMS Manager
Mr I Inman Premises Manager
Mrs T Jones Exams Officer & Data/Sims Manager 
Miss D Kelly Administrative Assistant/Pastoral Assistant
Mrs P Lennon  PA/Clerk to Governors/HR Manager
Mrs S Leonard Office Manager 
Mrs H Lomas Reception/ Admin Assistant 
Mr S Macduff Cad-Cam and Technology Technician
Mrs P McGuiness Pastoral Assistant
Mrs J Morgan Finance Assistant (Maternity Leave)
Miss M O'Grady Teaching Assistant Level 2 (SEN)
Mrs C O'Shaughnessy Receptionist/Administrative Assistant
Mrs J Pritchard Pastoral/Attendance Manager (p/t)
Mrs A Roberts Welfare Assistant
Mr P Roby ICT Network Manager
Mrs M Roche Higher Level Teaching Assistant - English
Mrs M Ruane Chaplain
Miss V Ruane Media Technician
Mr T Shield  Site Maintenance Assistant 
Mrs C Stanton HLTA- SEN 
Mrs G Stowell  Teaching Assistant Level 2
Miss C Taylor Teaching Assistant Level 3
Mr M Taylor Cover Supervisor 
Miss O Walsh Teaching Assistant Level 1
Mr M Webster Inclusion Officer
Mrs L White Teaching Assistant (SEN)
Mrs C Woods Teaching Assistant Level 2
Mrs V Young Senior Science Technician