16 March 2017

Pupils solving puzzles at maths roadshowOn Tuesday 14th March, Year 8 sets 1-4 took part in the Maths Roadshow, a series of tricky maths brainteasers, in order to find out the best maths brains in the year.

All of the students gathered on the yard, ready to get started. You had to choose a partner from your form, and work around as many questions as you could in the time-frame we had. There were 150 questions, some worth one point, and others worth two or three points. The form and the individual pair with the most points would be declared the winners.

The room was heating up, as was the competition as time began to run out. People were running in between questions to try and get as many questions done as possible; you could really sense the excitement in room.

We asked a Year 8 pupil to tell us what they thought about the maths roadshow. She said, “I really enjoyed working in a team from a different set, because they were good at stuff I wasn’t. I thought it was really fun and I can’t wait to find out what happens!” As you can tell, it was an enjoyable experience for everyone. I found it very exciting as it was nothing we had ever done before during a maths lesson. The teachers were extremely supportive, as were the prefects when we got a question wrong. When we got one correct, they signed our sheet, and all the pupils felt a sense of relief; one step closer to winning!

The results are yet to come in, but winner or loser, everyone tried their very best in every question, and had a good time whilst learning!