16 March 2017

Manchester Royal Children’s Hospital Charity is about making a difference to the thousands of children we see every year. They do this by supporting projects that provide state-of-the-art and specialised equipment to help improve the diagnosis and treatment of children. They also support research that can help us to better understand children’s illnesses and provide the treatments of the future. They also support projects that help to create a more child friendly environment. Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital receives over 240,000 patient visits every year. For those children and their families it can be a very difficult time but with your help we can make it better for every child. The support that Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital provides helps families to stay together and support one another during what can be a very difficult time for them. But they need our help!

On Thursday 16th March, we interviewed Angela Rowe, who is the head of the communications at the charity. She deals with all of the phone calls and fundraising ideas. This is a highly pressurised job, so her taking time to be interviewed means a great deal to both of us and our school. During the interview, Angela was very welcoming and friendly as she explained all the reasons why this charity is important.

This year, the charity are doing their annual RMCHeroes which is a marathon to raise money for the helipad. They need a helipad so they can use air ambulances to transport patients from different hospitals and to get patients there quickly in an emergency.

One of the fundraising events that is currently taking place is called ‘Make a Lotto difference’, where you can pay £2 a week to play, and the jackpot winner can win up to £1000! Any money raised is put towards ongoing projects and research that can help children in the hospital.

We asked Angela if she enjoyed working with the charity and children, and she replied, “I enjoy working with this charity because I get to meet all the children and their families”. She also said that she would work with the Teenage Cancer Trust charity, as she loves working with children who have cancer and likes to be there to support the children and their family to overcome such a life changing illness. She was hoping to raise about four million pounds by the end of March and amazingly has reached this goal, as they raised four million pounds by December 2016! This money has changed so many children’s lives, but their work is still not done.

We asked Angela for some advice of how we could raise money for their charity. She told us about her favourite ideas, but she loved the idea of a family baking cakes and delivering them to their neighbours. This is something you can do too, to give back to such a worthy charity.

We chose to interview Angela, as Isobel had to undergo an extremely important operation as a child, which cured her cancer. She is very grateful for what the hospital did for her. With your help and support the charity can continue changing lives. So put yourself in a suffering families shoes and donate today!

By Isobel and John