10 October 2018

On Friday 28th September, the whole of Year 7 gathered together to celebrate starting their journey at St Edmund Arrowsmith Catholic High School with their Y7 Welcome Mass. The mass took place in the school sports hall with many parents attending (which was great). Our parish priest - Father John Gorman - kindly led the Mass and it was a great success. Everyone joined in with all the hymns: Here I am Lord, Colours of Day and All that I am. 

When the parents arrived, our hearts were thumping with fear because of the amount of people we, as readers, had to speak in front of; but by the end of it we felt proud of ourselves and we were very pleased that it went well.  

The theme of the mass was based on our retreat day; welcoming Year 7 to St Edmund Arrowsmith and reflecting on all the times in our lives that Jesus has walked beside us on our journeys. The key point we learnt in mass is that Jesus will continue to walk with us on our future journeys through school and beyond - even if we don't always recognise him like the disciples in the Road to Emmaus.

All in all, it was a lovely celebration and a great way to start off the beginning of our faith journeys here in school. We look forward to celebrating many other year group and class masses at school as the years go on.

by Megan and Rachel, Year 7