21 November 2017

On Thursday 16th November, me and four other Year 8 pupils were invited to the DW Stadium in Wigan, home of Wigan Athletic, to take part in the local heat of the Premier League Enterprise Challenge 2017. Accompanied by Mr Dumican and Mr O'Callaghan, there were five Year 8 pupils representing Eddies: Josh Hunter, Nathan Taylor, Jackson Sturgess and Adam Davies and me.

The Premier League Enterprise Challenge is a national competition that gives young people of secondary school age the chance to work with their local professional football clubs on a football business challenge.

We were taken into a conference room, where there was refreshments laid out for us. It was very luxurious and special and we all felt very posh! Three other schools were talking part, but we were the youngest competitors as all of the other schools had pupils from Year 9.

We had to produce a PowerPoint to show how we could make the DW Stadium better, be more efficient and get more people through its doors. Jake Blackburn who ran the day, had previously been to school to show us what makes a good PowerPoint. Things such as including important information, plenty of photos and using ‘big’ words so that we can demonstrate that we know what we are talking about!

We were the last to present to the judges and it was nerve-wracking as we waited our turn. We felt that it went well, as we worked together as a team and were really happy when we were placed second in the competition, though we would have preferred it if we had come 1st!! We won a trophy and a signed t-shirt from the Latics star, Shaun McDonald. After this, I was asked to go into a different room and was interviewed and filmed for Wigan Athetic, which I think will be streamed on their website later this week.

It was a great opportunity, with a disappointing outcome, because we came 2nd! If we had another chance to do this, I know that we would put 10 times more effort in than we already did, so that we would win the whole competition!

by Tiziano Volpini, Year 8