6 October 2017

I felt honoured to have the opportunity to celebrate our first ever Mass during our new journey at St Edmund Arrowsmith in the form of the Y7 Welcome Mass which took place on Friday 29th September. Mass was said by Fr John Gorman and the theme was about beginning our next chapter in life and remembering that Jesus is walking with us as we settle into our new school. We had looked at this same theme on our Y7 retreat days the week before and it was a nice ending to what we had learnt - hearing the Gospel of the Road to Emmaus and realising that Jesus is with us always, regardless of whether we recognise him or not. 

Mass was held at St Oswald’s and it wasn’t like any church I had ever been in! It left me with a feeling of awe when I walked through the doors and truly felt that this was a special place. For those of you who have been to St Oswald’s you will be familiar with its size – making it not the warmest of churches. However, it soon warmed up due to the amount of people who attended. The whole of Y7, teachers, parents, grandparents, friends and parishioners turned out in the hundreds for this special occasion making it a church full to the brim!

Everyone was excited, and some people who were volunteering to read (like me) were a bit nervous, but everyone was well organised and Mass ran without a problem. I felt much better after we had finished our readings because lots of people told us how brave we were to stand up in front of so many people and it felt good to be known like that. 

The overall atmosphere in church was lovely which added to the importance of the occasion. Everyone was respectful and prayerful and the singing was really good! I am looking forward to attending another school Mass soon  because I think the artwork and decorations in the church are amazing, plus the stained glass windows are beautiful. But I’m also excited to share important religious occasions with my fellow school friends again and look forward to the next five years of school Masses in St Oswald’s.

By Tyler Lind 7L