20 September 2017

You may remember reading on the website about two very special awards which were given out at our end of year assembly in July. The worthy recipients of the awards, Antonia Rout and Krystyna Szczerba, were unable to attend the ceremony, as they were on a mission in Lourdes, assisting the sick and elderly.

However, we managed to catch up with them both this week, when we asked them for their thoughts. In typical modest and unassuming style, both girls pay tribute to the school, their teachers and their peers. We are, as you can imagine, extremely proud of Antonia and Krystyna and we are certain that they will go on and make their mark in the world, making it a brighter place, when they leave us next summer.

“The Peter Phillips Award for Outstanding Progress is an award commemorating our previous headteacher – a man who valued both progress and achievement in equal measure. To receive this award, is, therefore, an honour that cannot truly be conveyed. 'Thrilled' is a completely inadequate word when it comes to describing how I felt when I first received the news – closely followed by the disappointment that came with the realisation that I would be absent for the actual ceremony; I would be away having what proved to be the time of my life in Lourdes.

It was also humbling to no small degree – the idea that I had somehow come to deserve this seemed downright bizarre to me; being compared to the likes of the award's previous recipient – Anna Darcy - just didn't seem right. The contestants for this, in my year group, are many – people who deserve this just as much, if not more, than I do. The fact that it's my name up there will always bring me joy and encouragement in the challenging months ahead as I hope to develop even further in my final year here at St Edmund Arrowsmith.”


“When I received the news that I am this year’s recipient for the Liam Disley award, it came as a huge surprise. Liam Disley was a dedicated and hardworking student, who always went the ‘extra mile’ and threw himself into any activity, whether it was sport or academic. For this reason, it is a great privilege to have received an award that is so important to our school community, and that commemorates a very special and inspirational person, and I am very grateful and humbled.

St Edmund Arrowsmith has presented me with so many fantastic opportunities since the beginning of my time here, all of which have helped me to grow in confidence and develop as an individual. When I was in Year 7, I was determined to be a hardworking and dedicated student, however I have achieved much more than I thought I would. Without the support of my teachers, I would never have been able to accomplish half the things that I have, and for that I am very thankful. It is an honour to have received this prestigious award, and I hope that I can inspire others to take any opportunities that St Edmund Arrowsmith gives them, just as others have inspired me.”