24 August 2017

The sun should have been shining brighter today in Ashton in Makerfield, as the class of 2017 arrived to collect their long-awaited GCSE results. However, the sunshine clearly visible in the pupils’ smiles more than made up for the gloomy weather we had to endure.

We caught up with a few of our success stories before they were whisked off to celebrate with their families and friends later today. We would like to share their stories with you as we are very proud of each and every one of them.

Head Girl Jade gets her resultsHead Girl, Jade Boyle was one of the very first to collect her results. With a rack of A and B grades to her name, she is now off to Carmel College to study Law and is undecided which  of the sciences and English to study. With her eye on a career in the Police or in Forensic Science, her preferred degree of Business and Law will come in very handy.

Nadia Barton was “stunned” with her excellent grades of 2A*, 4A. 1B and two 6s. Her mum commented that she felt like she had sat the exams with Nadia, but the obvious pride in her eyes was there for all to see! Nadia will study Maths, Further Maths, Physics and the Extended Project at Winstanley College, along with many of her friends. We are sure that a successful career as a physicist awaits her in the years to come.

WAbbie receives good resultshen I caught up with Abbey Scrivens, she was in obvious shock upon reading her results: 3A*, 4A and two 8s, in Maths and English Literature and a grade 9 in English Language. She told me she was “overwhelmed", as was her mum standing by her side.  In fact, Abbey had to tell her mum “Calm down, mum, they’re not your GCSEs!” A career as a barrister beckons, once she has studied Maths, English and Geography at Winstanley College.

With a smile as wide as the ocean, Ciara Chengo was the next pupil who I interviewed. The reason for that smile soon became apparent when she revealed her results: 4A*, 3A, 7, 8 and 9! She admitted to being really nervous beforehand, but all those nerves faded away as she told me that she is enrolling at Winstanley College later today, to complete A Levels in Business Studies, Law and Psychology. She even has her degree pathway all mapped out – studying Business Management with Spanish, so that she can visit Spanish-speaking Uruguay for a year. Ciara and mum were off to the Trafford Centre once leaving school, for a spot of lunch and a new pair of Valentino trainers. To avoid disappointment, mum had already checked that they had them in Ciara’s size!

Head Boy, Tony Kemp stood next to Ciara,  visibly shaking. I asked him was he cold, but he admitted that he was shaking due to the shock of his results. Shock in a good way, not a bad way, I might add! He told me that he was “amazed” and didn’t know how he felt really, other than that he has surpassed his own expectations as he has amassed an amazing 5A*, 2A, a 7, 8 and a 9. An amazing young man, who has overcome such adversity in his life, he explained to me that he wants to pave a career in neurology, as he has had first-hand experience of the fantastic work that doctors do. Tony’s mum was equally emotional, as she watched her son chat away confidently with the friends he has made during his five years at St Edmund Arrowsmith.

Pupils receive GCSE results Jordan Cleary’s haul of top grades are, by his own admission, a result of all the hard work that he has put in. Those 6A*, A, 7, 8 9 have certainly put him on the right path to a career in computing. The Computer Science, Business Studies and Maths that he will be studying at Winstanley College will open many doors for him in this chosen career. He told me that Eddies had helped him to build his confidence and that he was very happy with his results. He admitted that he had tried not to think about them when he was away on holiday, but this last week they had been more on his mind. Well, we now know that he didn’t need to worry at all!

Another hard-working pupil, Ellie Paton was also rewarded today. She was “over the moon” as she opened her white envelope to reveal that she had amassed an incredible 7A*, two 8s and a 9! Ellie also has her career mapped out: go to Winstanley College, study Maths, Chemistry, Biology and the Extended Project, and then secure a place at Newcastle University to study dentistry. We are certain that with the grit and determination she has displayed in her approach to her GCSEs, revising every school night with the occasional Saturday off, she will make a resounding success of anything she turns her hand to.

Mellisa with Mr DumicanMelissa Pace was “buzzing” when I caught up with her…and quite rightly so. Her 6A* A, two 7s and a 9 grade were the obvious reason. She is stepping out into a man’s world, studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics, French and an ‘engineering elective’ at St John Rigby College. She felt that the college had the ‘right atmosphere’ for her and that her chosen subjects would ultimately lead her to a career in civil or structural engineering.

Aleyna Adamson was “relieved” to see her results: 4A*, 3A, 8, and two 9s and paid a particular tribute to her English teacher, Mrs Payne. She told me, “I love Mrs Payne and her teaching style. She is the best teacher and has made a real difference to me.  I was bottom of the top set and then I get these brilliant grades in English! It is obvious that Mrs Payne enjoys her subject and this enthusiasm translates to the pupils.” Aleyna will follow her dreams of a possible banking career by studying Maths, Further Maths, Physics and French at Winstanley College. An unpretentious girl at heart, her only request as a treat from her mum for getting such amazing grades is a trip to McDonalds and 20 chicken nuggets!

Adam Smith with Mr MorganDeputy Head Boy, Adam Smith was surrounded by his friends and the elation on his face was evident. An articulate young man, Adam firstly paid tribute to the school, admitting that he was “gutted” to be leaving. He also said that Eddies had given him many opportunities for which he is grateful and he will hopefully come back and visit soon. He will study English Language, History and Law at Carmel College, but is unsure of a career, other than that it will be “something to do with Art, History or English.” Adam’s mum revealed that he had been very focused, self- disciplined and had put a lot of hard work into these exams. She also said that she has never forgotten a comment made by the previous Headteacher, Peter Phillips, when Adam was just about to come to Eddies. Mr Phillips said that, “If we help your children to meet their potential, whatever that potential may be, then we have done our job.” I think it’s fair to say that Adam, along with many of our other pupils, have exceeded their potential this year.

Anna receives good resultsAnna Darcy was naturally modest when I caught up with her. With her mum sat patiently waiting in the car park, she revealed that she was “very relieved and happy” with her results…and who wouldn’t be with 5A*, 2A, 8 and two 9s under your belt! She told me that she had carried on revising after her trials and mocks, to maintain the excellent grades she had achieved in them. She wanted to keep the momentum going, but she admitted that she was still shocked how good her results actually were. Off to Winstanley College to study Maths, Chemistry and Geography, Anna is, as yet, uncertain of her future career. But one thing is certain, with her hoard of marvellous GCSEs, she will be a resounding success at whatever she decides to turn her hand to!

One final pupil I managed to interview before he set off for home and enrolment at Winstanley College was Matthew Burn. A sporty student, who has successfully represented the school in both football and rugby for five years, Matthew is “keeping his options open” as to a possible career, but admits that it will be something along the lines of Sports Science. To support this, he will study P.E., Biology and Chemistry. He stated that he wasn’t really nervous about getting his results as he felt well prepared for the exams. He is a naturally self-motivated person, who clearly enjoys his sport, and a career in this would be ideal for Matthew. We wish him well.

Pupils receive GCSE resultsHeadteacher, Mark Dumican was naturally delighted with the achievements of our hard-working pupils and had this to say, “We are delighted for the pupils who have performed so well and who have reached their potential, with some truly outstanding individual performances.  This year saw the introduction of the new exam system in English and maths, which has deliberately been designed to be tougher, is deliberately not a direct equivalence to previous years and have number grades instead of letter grades.  When we take into account these huge changes to the exam system, we are even prouder of our pupils’ achievements.  The results reflect well on the hard work and efforts of the pupils, staff and parents who have all worked together for the past five years.  We are also just as proud of the type of people our pupils have developed into and all the staff and governors wish them well for the future.”