20 July 2017

On Monday 19th July, Miss Gallagher took half of Year 8 on a reward trip to St John Rigby College.

Pupils gather in the hallAfter the Christmas half term, SJR came into school to introduce us to the challenge, in which we had to complete four out of six areas, including achievement points and participation in school and form life. We all were eager to complete the challenge and we all tried our best. When SJR returned in February, it was great to see how many people had actually completed it. We were given a pen and a badge with the SJR logo on them as a little reward.

On 19th July, we arrived at the college and were greeted warmly; you could visibly see the excitement on our faces! We were welcomed in the hall, and told a little bit more about the challenge and SJR, before we went out for refreshments. Whilst we were eating, people were having a go at archery and giant Jenga (and I personally failed at both). Next, we split off into groups and started the activities. 

Pupils play drums at St John RigbyWe started with a drum class, in which we learnt the art of samba drumming, led by the music department. They had two resilience classes, which we attended - both talked about emotional wellbeing and being positive and optimistic. My personal favourite was next: comedy! We had a joke and a laugh doing simple things, and even Mrs Hollins got involved too! After team building, we all met back in the hall for a final word from SJR. A person from each group who had particularly shone  on the day was given a box of chocolates as a prize and they were asked if they wanted to say a few words, but unsurprisingly the majority of them said no! 

I would like to thank Miss Gallagher for organising this trip, and to all the other members of staff who came along. A huge thank-you to SJR who made this trip a totally enjoyable, yet very valuable experience. 

by Katie Murray, 80