20 July 2017

On Wednesday 12th July, it was time for the annual event to mark the end of the Year 6 induction days: Let’s Sing! Pupils from our feeder schools who are coming to our school next year, joined in with the Year 7 Senior, Boys and Staff choirs from St Edmund Arrowsmith at Robin Park Arena.

Pupils rehearse songs at Lets Sing It all kicked off on Thursday 11th May, when Keith Orrell came into school to introduce us to the songs that we would be performing in just two months! After that meeting, we had to attend rehearsals to perfect each song. Solos are always a big part of Let’s Sing, and because of the amount of people who wanted to perform a solo, there were two stages. The 1st stage was singing to Mr Masheder, and if you got through that, you sang in front of Mr Orrell. A bit like the X Factor!

The day came sooner than we had anticipated, and at lunch, we set off for Robin Park, ready for the long evening ahead of us. When we arrived, it was time to go through all the songs, and make sure they were perfect. Then, a little later than expected, the show started. The main lights went off, the stage lights shone on our faces, and we began to sing. There was so much noise in the room; the energy was amazing! Mr Orrell gave a few words at the beginning, and a little overview of Let’s Sing! There were as usual, four main solos, and many others within songs and all were done fantastically! The atmosphere changed during the evening, the big, vibrant songs were loud, and the lights were all different colours, then during the slow songs, there was the perfect amount of  subdued lighting to match the song perfectly. 

IPupils and staff sing at Lets Sing would like to thank Mr Orrell, who as always uses his masses of energy to pull off this show. Also, the music department, for the extra mile they always go to ensure things like this happen year on year - Mr Masheder, Miss McCabe, Mrs Bryant and Mrs Whitfield. Finally, Mrs Leonard, who sorted out the tickets and coaches so that everyone got there safely.  

by Katie Murray, 8O