19 July 2017

Pupils running at sports dayAt the Sports Day field events held in June, an amazing three school records were broken! Aeden Hambleton in 8S threw the discus a stunning 29.55 metres, breaking the school record of 27.82 metres, which was set way back in 1983.  Niamh Harrison in 8L who broke the school record with an amazing distance of 20.10 metres, beating the previous record of 19 metres set by Shauna Duffy in 2009, won the turbo javelin. Rhianne Hambleton in 10A2 threw the turbo javelin 21.23m (the previous best was 20.98 in 2008). What could be more exciting…

At last, after two false starts, our annual track events Sports Day finally went ahead! Sun cream was applied, the ice-cream van was in attendance, the field was marked out and we were good-to-go. Competitors ran their hearts out under the blistering sun, with some blistering finishes to add to the marvellous occasion.

The roving reporters As usual, we had our roving reporters on the job, recording the day’s events, but only after they had gathered their strength with a refreshing ice cream! Perk of the job: first in the ice cream line!

Reporting on the Year 7 races, we had rookie reporter, Charlotte Cunliffe in Year 7. You will see her comprehensive account detailed below.

Almond won the mixed relay with Michael Isherwood crossing the finish line in a time of 1.04.03. He was in the lead when he got the baton at the final changeover and was miles ahead as he crossed the finish line.

In the girls 800m and representing Mayne, Gaby Brown, made a flying start, with Maisie Hickey from Howard taking the lead from her after 400m … but still not too far ahead of the others.  It was going to be a close one! Keira Donaldson from Ward won with a time of 3.01.19, who was over 100m ahead of the runner finishing in second place!

At the start of the boys 800m, there was a stumble and in another very tight race, Max McMurty, representing Owen, took the lead after 400m. Never losing this lead, he passed the finish line first with a time of 2.39.07. 

An impressive run and clinching first place in the girls 100m was Abbie Critchley from Ward, with a time of 14.97. 

Luke Flannery wins 100m boys raceWell done to Luke Flannery who won the 100m boys race for Clitherow, with an amazing time of 12.60. He was aiming for the record but, unfortunately, he missed out by a minuscule 0.2 seconds. So close! I’m sure you will beat it next time, Luke!  

The girls 200m was the tightest race of all, with competitors neck-and-neck from start to finish. Gabby Brown from Mayne won with a time of 32.35 but was followed very closely by Georgia Smith representing Ward.

Again, there was a very tight start to the boys 200m, but there was a clear leader for the last 100m, with Max McMurty from Owen clinching victory with a time of 20.29. 

Niamh Kelly from Lawrence recorded a time of 59.72 to win the girls 300m.

In the boys 400m, all eyes were on Luke Flannery as he aimed for the school record. He quickly covered ground, closing the gap on the runners outside him and won with a time of 67.21. He broke the record in the heats but unfortunately this afternoon the heat got to him and he sadly didn't break the record.

Abbie Critchley ran the last leg of the relay and led Ward to victory with a time of 1.05.40. 

Year 7's race at sports dayWith a time of 1.03.75, Clitherow won the boys relay with Clayton McPherson crossing the finishing line ahead of the pack. 

Overall winners … 3rd - Southwell with 127 points, 2nd - Ward with 134 points, and finally, the winners were...Owen with 146 points. 

Overall, Year 7's first Sports Day at Eddies was a huge success and we now know that we have some very sporty pupils in our year.

Another of our rookies, Matthew Winders, reported on the Year 8 competition.

Many Year 8 pupils took part in the track events section of Sports Day with the whole school watching and cheering them on. Sadly, no school records were broken but it was still a highly enjoyable two hours with a great atmosphere!

Below are the results of the events:

Girls 100m Maddie Halliwell (Lawrence) 14.91

Boys 200m Joshua Moore (Howard) 28.72

Boys 100m Sam McGrath (Gennings) 12.782017 Sports Day

Girls 300m Emma Middlehurst (Ward) 54.72

Girls 4x100m relay (Lawrence) 1:03.28

Boys 4x100m relay (Howard) 56.91

Mixed 4x100m relay (Owen) 1:00.38

Girls 800m Emma Haynes (Mayne) ( 2:58.41

Boys 800m Leon Marsh (Clitherow) 2:36.53

Emma Haynes wins 200m raceIn the girls 200m race, it was an extremely close race from the off, leaving the crowd watching in anticipation of who would win this. The girls sprinted down the last 100m, resulting in a photo finish, with nothing between the 1st and 2nd placed runners.  But, Emma Haynes from Mayne was the victor, with an amazing time of 32.69 seconds, closely followed by Olivia Cowley from Ward. This was a blistering race, run in the blistering heat, and leaving Olivia just pipped at the post with Emma securing ten points for Mayne.

In addition, another tense and enjoyable race was the 400m boys, which started with the whole group bunched and jostling for position. But then out of nowhere came Matthew Williamson from Owen, who broke away from the rest of the field. With the last 100m to go, he was in a commanding lead, leaving the rest of the runners behind and securing the win with a staggering time of 1:14.91. I caught up with him after the race and he had this to say, “The race went well, however it was really hard. I did enjoy it though, so I will do it again next year!”

By the end of Sports Day, in scorching temperatures of 27 degrees, everyone was more than tired, but they saw their hard work pay off as Mr Killen revealed the all-important results. Owen were the Year 8 winners with a total of 128 points closely followed by Lawrence and Barlow with 126 points apiece. 

Our seasoned Year 9 reporter this year is Rachel Thorpe in Year 9.

Pupils queue outside the ice cream vanThe Year 9 races where full of speedy starts and close calls. With the whole school out to watch, all the competitors were eager to do well for their House. The sun was shining and the ice cream van ready for the hundreds of children ready to cheer on their peers. It really was an amazing sight of our whole-school community, gathered on the fields in anticipation of a great afternoon’s entertainment.

One of the narrow winners was from the boys 400m. Kian Ridings from Clitherow had a good lead throughout the race, yet at the last 100m, Corbin Williams from Almond pushed forward until both boys were running like the wind! Kian held his nerve, clinching that coveted first place. Exciting stuff!

Another close-call was during the girls 200m. Charlotte Herring from Almond was the winner of this race but Kate Naylor, representing Clitherow, certainly gave her a run for her money. Hot on her tail throughout the race, everyone was keen to see who would cross the line first. 

Pupils and staff at Sports DayA particular highlight of the day for me was Mr Killen’s witty commentary. His funny jokes about pupils and teachers made everyone laugh. As he had commented on me, supposedly drawing the competitors rather than reporting, I decided to draw him in my cartoon style. When I was done, he responded: ‘I can’t tell if this is a peanut or me!’ It’s a good job that I’ve not taken Art, then!

The rest of the winning results were as follows:

Mixed Relay - Lawrence

Girls Relay - Clitherow

Girls 300m - Katie Morley (Mayne)

Boys 200m - Ben O’Donnell (Lawrence)

Boys 100m - Kieran Evans (Clitherow)

Girls 100m - Maisie Taylor (Almond)

A veteran reporter, and of BBC School Report fame, Robyn Lind was tasked with reporting on the Year 10 events this year.

Mr Killen seemed to enjoy playing the role of our fantastic, but slightly biased, commentator by lightening the sometimes tense, competitive mood with his witty one-liners and commentary. Peter Kay, eat your heart out! Many teachers joined in with the fun via the `Teacher Catwalk’, snazzy hats and grizzly beards competition.       

James Bateman wins 100m raceAnyway, let’s get back to the outcomes. In the boys 100m race, unfortunately numbers were depleted. There were a few false starts, and some seemed to take the race more seriously than others. The 100m isn’t a long distance, but that certainly doesn’t make it easy! To win, you have to put in your all and run as fast as is humanly possible.  The race was painfully close, especially between 1st and 2nd place. However, in the end, James Bateman from Almond finished first (12.62), closely followed by Joe Hill from Lawrence. However, the others weren’t too far behind them both.  What a race! James said, “It’s been very good. It was well set up and yes, I enjoyed it (because I won!). It’s nice weather as well!”

In the girls 200m race, all runners were giving it their all and you could almost see the sheer determination flowing out of each person. At first, this seemed like an ordinary, intense race. But, suddenly, Mrs Scrase emerged from beyond the ropes and joined in with the race, much to the spectators’ amusement! Despite Mrs Scrase’s intrusion, Olivia Harrald from Almond finished first, and Rachel McGuire representing Lawrence finished second.  Mrs Scrase actually did quite well - we think she had the potential to be a possible 3rd place, if only she’d been given the chance to run the whole race…

The boys 300m was unbelievably intense, and this is down to three people: Keiron Swannick, Joe Pate and Matthew Witherington. Keiron made a tremendous start, and it seemed like he was going to win… Then he began to lag behind in the intense heat, and Joe took up the lead. Maintaining that lead seemed to be tiring Joe - but he didn’t give up. Before we knew it, however, Keiron was making a comeback – rapidly gaining ground on Joe. They were neck-and-neck – it was a close call, and to add to the excitement, Matthew was holding a strong 3rd place position. But just inches from the finish line, and with Keiron just about holding onto 1st place, Joe seemed to stumble and he collapsed to the ground. He was SO CLOSE to that finishing line! Joe was about to get back to his feet and claim his position, but sneaky Matthew seized the opportunity and managed to cross the line before Joe could regain his feet. What drama! First place: Keiron Swannick from Southwell and in 2nd place was Matthew Witherington (Lawrence). Well done to these two; it was a difficult race. But the outcomes could have been different, as throughout the race, it was any man’s game.      

Other results were as follows:Sports Day Mixed Relay

Mixed Relay -Barlow 

100m Girls Fern Hindley, Mayne

200m Boys Conor Law, Almond

300m Girls Rhianne Hambleton, Almond

Girls Relay Mayne 

Boys Relay Almond

To conclude a brilliant Sports Day, we caught up with Headteacher, Mr Dumican in the adventurer (!) hat and he commented, “It’s so brilliant to have Sports Day today, as it’s the first time we’ve had it in three years due to the British weather! Also, I found it highly enjoyable because of the great sporty atmosphere!” 

Well, that’s it for 2017; let’s hope the weather is much kinder to us in 2018!