17 July 2017

Wigan has a twin town in France called Angers. On Thursday, Year 10 French students were visited by the ambassadress from Angers, Pupils ask Noemie questionsNoemie. She spoke to us mainly in French and we listened to her French presentation. She spoke to us about Angers (about the food, sport, attractions, rivers and history) and told us lots of different facts. Then she told us a bit about Wigan and finally, the similarities and differences between Angers and Wigan. Noemie told us about Angers and their pies and we found we could all relate to this! Also, we got the chance to answer questions and  to ask her questions in both English and French. 

We all really enjoyed listening to Noemie and listening to her speaking French and learning more about the twinning between Wigan and Angers. 

Before we left, Noemie gave us all some advice... 'You must travel to learn a language'! 

by Toryn Blackwood, 10B2