17 July 2017

Pupils spend money at summer fairThe PTA and staff were on nervous weather-watch in the week leading up to the Summer Fair. However, despite a little bit of ‘spitting’ earlier in the day, the weather co-operated and it was full steam ahead with the plans that had taken many months to come to fruition.

Many pupils gladly paid the token £1 in order to miss the last lesson of the day and get to the fair early!  Even after just having lunch, with mouth-watering food and drink on offer, for some, the temptation was just too much as the aroma of roasted onions and cheesy pizza wafted across the playground.

Andy Burnham opens the summer fairWe were lucky to secure Mayor of Manchester, Andy Burnham, to officially open the fair at 3:15pm. Andy’s own children are pupils at the school and he spoke very highly of ‘Eddie’s pupils’, stating that you can always spot one a mile off, due to the politeness and courtesy shown to other people. He encouraged everyone to dig deep, to support the fantastic education pupils receive at Eddies!

The dancing and music was non-stop. Pupils had been working on their pieces for months with Mr Masheder and Mrs Mc Donnell putting in lots of extra time after school to perfect. This certainly paid off, as each song was note-perfect and each dance was ‘en pointe’.

The concert band playing at the summer fairThe atmosphere was buzzing, as parents arrived with younger siblings in tow, all with the aim of having a great time on this lovely summer’s evening. The G&Ts and Prosecco flowed as people began to unwind after a hard week at work. I think it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all in this venture for the newly-formed PTA and we can’t wait to see what other projects they have up their sleeve in the future!