17 July 2017

A few weeks ago an MFL Twitter competition started! We had to make a French or Spanish word out of food, or photograph something which represented France or Spain.  
I personally thought I could do better than that, so I made a stop-motion animation film building the word “Pipas” (which translates to sunflower seeds). I made this by taking hundreds of pictures and putting them together making the sunflower seeds come into the frame by themselves. Some of the seeds even danced for a bit until they got to their place. It was great fun to make this project even though it took me around 4-5 hours to put it together. You can see this on the MFL Twitter page @MFL_SEAS. 
Lots of other students participated and here are the competition winners (luckily I won 1st Place for Spanish!). 

  French Spanish
1st place Sophie Stokes Tiziano Volpini
2nd place Maisie Rafferty Urszula Szczerba
3rd place Lexie Harrison Adam lavin

Here are a selection of the images. 
Pupils competition entryStudents competition entryPupils competition entryPupils competition entryPupils competition entry
by Tiziano Volpini, 7W