3 July 2017

I was invited to the Portico Library in Manchester to receive the Sadie Massey award for young readers and writers. So, on Thursday 29th June, I left school early to get the train into Manchester town centre. It took me a while to find the library, but I found it and it was grand!

The judges at the Portico library The architecture was amazing and the atmosphere was very friendly.  When I entered the library, it was like something out of a film, all ancient books on the shelves and lots of wooden ladders that you would use to access the books. When I looked up, I saw that the ceiling was a piece of art itself. The glass shapes and curves were unreal against the beautiful wallpapers and books. My parents, Mrs Baylis and myself took a seat and waited for everyone else to arrive.

We were introduced to the judges by a lovely lady who was the chair of the Portico Library. She also introduced us to a special guest, the well-known Manchester poet, Tony Walsh. To start the event off, Tony captivated the audience with four of his inspiring poems.

After that, the judges then spoke about each winner while awarding them with their prize. While I was waiting in my seat for my name to be called out, I was very excited to hear what the judges had to say about my review. The judge introduced my review as the only non-fiction entry to make it to the final, also saying he really enjoyed my passion towards the chosen book - Top Gear Dream Cars. I was really pleased when the judge and author Paul Morris commented that I had a future in television. When I went up to collect my award, I felt very proud to be representing my school.

The people making the difficult decisions on the winners were:

Paul Morris: author
Martin Fletcher: author
Melvyn Burgess: author
Fiona Hadfield: Buyer for Children's Books, Waterstones

My day at Portico Library will be something that I will never forget because of how absolutely awesome it was!

Dominic Shaw, 8B