Mrs Outterside has told me that year 11 pupils have returned to normal lessons this week following their trial examinations and many pupils have already impressed their teachers. In order to be rewarded for their efforts, Miss Westwell has organised a Leavers’ Prize Draw for pupils. There have been numerous nominations this week from a range of staff and a range of subjects. Take a look at the impressive achievements below!

Mr Halliwell

Caitlin and Alannah have been nominated for significant improvements since mocks with clear evidence of extensive revision. 

Mrs Baylis

Louise, Declan, Daniel and Cerys have been nominated for working hard on their narrative stories yesterday.

Mrs Hooton

Ewan and Caitlin have been nominated for excellent progress between mocks and trials.

Mrs Golba

Jack has been nominated for really trying his best to catch up with coursework.

Mr Tickle

Jonathan has been nominated for maintaining high work rate consistently and Tom has been nominated for incredible creative writing.

Mrs Outterside

Holly and Lauren have been nominated for excellent effort in the build up to trials.

Mr Masheder

Max has been nominated by Mr Masheder for most improved in the listening exam. Max has started to work hard at home for his Music GCSE. Well done Max!

Mrs Morris

Sophie, Mollie and Morgan have been nominated for excellent preparation for trial exams.

Mr Killen

Isabella, Rachel, Caitlin and Lucy have been nominated for their hard work in art.

Mrs Hollins

Kegan has been nominated for phenomenal progress in non-fiction reading. Reece has been nominated for a detailed comparison of non-fiction texts. Harvey has been nominated for clear understanding of the required style of writing. Jack has been nominated for wonderful progress made in non- fiction reading and writing.

Mrs Ainsworth

Kaitlan, Pippa, Emily and Amy have been nominated for gaining Level 2 Pass in their GCSE Travel and Tourism exam.

Miss Asensio

Jessica has been nominated for excellent effort and motivation in preparation for their trial exams.

The following pupils have been nominated for showing a fantastic improvement in the speaking element of the GCSE.

• Adam

• Rachael

• Mia-Jo

• Jessica

• Lauren

• Nicole

• Daniel

• Joe 

The following pupils have been nominated for their almost Spanish native accents in their GCSE speaking preparation!

• Jessica

• Amalea

• Gracie

• Max

• Benjamin

• Joanna

• Krystyna

• Joseph 

Mrs Melling

The following pupils have been nominated for their efforts in drama.

• Will

• Sam

• Harvey

• William

• Ebony

• Jessica

• Gracie

• Emily

• Rose

Year 11 have also impressed in terms of achievement points. The following pupils have received achievement points this week, congratulations to all pupils!

• Samuel (11C2)

• Rebecca (11L2)

• William (11A1)

• Olivia (11C2)

• Patrick (11M1)

• Francesca (11S1)

• Joshua (11L2)

• Matthew (11L2)

• Katelyn (11M1)

• Thomas (11M2)

• Lewis (11S1)

I would also like to make a special mention to A1 who have the lowest number of behaviour points for the week - well done to Mr Kennedy’s form. M2 also deserve a special mention with the lowest number of lates of the week. Well done to Mrs Bailey’s form for setting the example for punctuality.

Mr Reardon has also told me that Y9 have had an excellent week, having doubled their achievement points total from last week and finishing on 613. The highest contributing form was Mr Taylor's (M) with 134 points over all. They presented an excellent assembly this week on how we can show love to others. In terms of individual achievement it was Olivia who came out on top as she was awarded 14. Well done and keep up the good work!  

Historians of the Week this week are: for Mrs Cole, Tom in 9M for designing a powerful and effective Red Cross campaign slogan about the treatment of Jews in the Ghettos by the Nazis.  For Mr Linton, Heather in 10A2 for excellent work on Anglo Saxon and Norman England and for Mr Hill, Lily in 9G for achieving a Level 7 in her Life in Nazi Germany assessment.

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 23 March 2018

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