Mrs Scott told me that 7H have raised £146.03 this week with the toy sale and the Mothers' Day raffle. The winners were: Ist Prize - Mother’s Day Hamper - Anabel Y10; 2nd Prize - No.7 Hamper - Jack Y8; 3rd Prize - Gucci Perfume Set - Alfie  Y7; 4th Prize - Soap & Glory Bauble - Tyler  Y9. A huge ‘thank you’ to Mrs Mitchell who made up the hampers and contributed lots of time, effort and prizes and to  the pupils in 7H who donated toys and Mothers' Day prizes, and gave up lots of their break and lunch times to help - they are a wonderful team!!
Year 9 have continued their good start following the half term break term. As a year group, they have amassed an impressive amount of achievement points last week with over 400. Well done to both O and S who contributed 40+ each to that total. Mrs Alvarado's and Mr Taylor's form have perfect punctuality records this week with no late marks. A great effort by students in both of those forms!

Historians of the week are for Mrs Cole, Sammy in 10B1 for excellent effort and detail in her Anglo-Saxon England GCSE work. For Mr Linton, Jake  in 8A for excellent homework on the Boer War and for Mrs Easton, Kate in 9C for achieving a Level 8 in her "Life in Nazi Germany" assessment.

We have had paperwork through this morning that both Cerys Stockton and Sophie Broome have passed the WJEC Entry level 2 in Personal and Social Development that they did last year. As you can imagine, both girls are very happy.

Mr Kennedy told me that his Year 8 class are currently presenting their renewable energy research. There are lots of cakes, brownies and other calorific treats available for a short time and he praised them for being ‘amazing kids’! I will have to call in to sample some of the goodies!

Twitter was alight Monday and Tuesday night with Y10 revising for their English Literature exam on Wednesday. There were a lot of contributors (below) and they will go into the English prize draw at the end of the year. Thank you to Mrs Hollins and Mrs Baylis for organising it and  the tweeting!


Mrs Wainwright took our robotics team, ‘Eddies Engineers’ to a competition on Thursday, winning the robot challenge section and finishing 3rd overall!  The pupils were fantastic, calm under pressure and presented themselves extremely well all day. Please see photos below.


Congratulations to Robyn being drawn as the winner of ‘Computer Scientist of the Month’. Robyn wins an Amazon voucher to spend. Mr Whitfield has been delighted with the excellent examples of work this month along with several nominations for effort in class (25 in total). 

Excellent work this week everyone, please keep it up!


Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 14 March 2018

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