We held two very successful Year 9 ‘Options Evenings’ last week, where members of the extended Senior Leadership Team meet with the parents and pupils of all Year 9 to discuss what option choices will be the most appropriate for them.  I really enjoyed both evenings, with the chance to talk about how the pupils are getting on in school and where they see themselves when they have left us and whether that will affect their option choices over the next couple of weeks.  Some pupils had a very clear career path and other didn’t have a clue what they wanted to do! This is natural and happens every year; one thing I do know is that if the pupils can choose options they enjoy, have an aptitude for and a desire to do well in, then they always invariably succeed.

Mr Reardon told me that Y9 have had a successful week picking up just short of 700 achievement points collectively. Caitlin Morgan was the standout performer individually over the last few days, having been awarded 21 points.  A special congratulations this week should go to Mr Taylor's form (M) who have shown an excellent commitment to school by finishing on 100% attendance for the second week running. 

Mrs Outterside told me that Year 11 have been working exceptionally hard this week. Many students have been working hard at both lunchtime and after school intervention sessions. Thank you to all staff and students who are going the extra mile to prepare for trial examinations and final GCSE examinations.

Year 11 have collected a total of 159 achievement points this week, which is fantastic! 11B2 are in first place with 23 achievement points, 11C1 are in second place with 19 achievement points and 11A1 and 11C2 are in joint third place with 18 achievement points. Eleanor Pearson and Olivia Carruthers are at the top of the individual pupil leader board with a total of five achievement points each. L1 have the lowest number of behaviour points. L2 have 100% attendance for the week and A1 have the lowest number of lates. Congratulations to all pupils involved!  Please take a look at the Year 11 twitter account to see this week's fantastic pupil nominations @SEA_Y11.

The ‘Historians of the Week’ are: for Mrs Cole, Kian Dunne in 8L for showing great interest and enthusiasm in a lesson on the American War of Independence.  For Mr Linton, Jade Garner in 8M for very good classwork on the British Empire and for Mr Hill, Adam Jones in 7B for excellent effort in his Castles homework.

Congratulations to all pupils, keep up the good work!

Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 30 January 2018

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