I have been very impressed with the standard of work over the last week, with many pupils excelling in lots of areas across the curriculum.

The Historians of the Week are, for Mrs Cole, Macy Morgan 7S, for achieving full marks in her castles test. Excellent revision skills. For Mr Linton, Callum Barrett, James Fenerty-Furay, Isobelle Ineson, Grace Talbot, Etta Taylor, Charlotte Touhey, all in 7W, for excellent work on attacking and defending a castle and for Mrs Easton, Rocco Harker 8W for making excellent oral contributions in class.

Mrs Hollins told me that she had a brilliant experience with her Set 10 Y9 class. They prepared and then debated the dilemma: should E sports be allowed into the Olympics? They could not have been more enthusiastic. They were professional and polite to one another, as well as being able to speak very convincingly in Standard English throughout. They were so engrossed by it, the lunch bell sounded and they carried on regardless. The pupils are: Jack Steele, Frankie Dean, Ellie Garside, Michael Doughty, Jacob Blears & Nathan Else. Fantastic work, keep it up!

Mr Reardon told me that Y9 have worked hard this week, having accumulated almost 600 achievement points. A special congratulations should go to Mrs Alvarado's form (A) who contributed over 100 to that total - a really impressive achievement. 9W delivered a very thought-provoking assembly on the parable of the talents and how we can use our talents in our day-to-day lives. Well done to them on their hard work in putting that together. The girls have come out on top in terms of individual achievements as they occupy all three top spots on this week's leader board. So congratulations to Olivia Forshaw, Olivia Williams and Abigail Dittman who gained 16, 15 & 14 points respectively. Keep up the good work!

Mrs Outterside told me that Y11 have collected 400 achievement points this week - fantastic!
L2 and S1 (47) are in the 1st place for the highest number of form group achievement points, C1 (44) are in second place and A1 (43) are in third place.
Chloe Abernethy leads the individual pupil leader board (13), Lexie Harrison, Megan Harrison, Isabelle Hudson and Louise O'Halloran are in second place (12) and Connor Wyatt and Hannah Jones are in third place (11).

Congratulations to S1 who have the lowest number of behaviour points, S1 who have 100% attendance and B1 who have the lowest number of lates.
It is great to see how many pupils have been attending revision this week, well on their way to mock examination success!

Congratulations to the following pupils who have been nominated by their teachers this week for the Leavers’ Do prize:

Conor Law
Jess Collins
Giorgia Stuart
Niamh Comber
Ruby McGowan
Georgia McVeigh
Megan Uniacke
Katie Lomax
Francesca Wasik
Rachel Monk
Lauren Jones
Robert Baker
Sophie Hill
Ryan Swinney
Jordan Cotton
Jessica Buer
Ben Porter


Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 29 November 2017

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