I had the privilege of attending our Dance Showcase on Thursday and Friday evening last week and I must state how fantastic the evenings were - absolutely brilliant! The theme, costumes, choreography, lighting, music and most importantly, the quality of the dance performances, were all truly outstanding. Sincere thanks to all pupils, staff and parents involved; we are very lucky to have such committed people associated with our school.

Mr Reardon told me that Y9 have been working hard this wee,k having accumulated over 488 achievement points. It was a four-way tie for top spot this week. Congratulations to Aoife McMahon, Louis Roughsedge, Tyler Jones and Lottie Hendriksen, who were each awarded eight points throughout the week. Punctuality has been excellent again this week, with five forms (C, L, M, O, W) all having no late marks throughout the week. Well done!

Historians of the Week are: Mrs Cole - Lauren Holcroft, 10M1, for an excellent answer to a question 3a on the changes in Weimar Germany in the 1920's; Mr Linton - Tyler Lind, 7L, for very good homework on the Feudal System and Mr Hill - Lucy Taylor, 8S, for excellent contribution in a group activity on King Charles I.

Mr Cullen had the first Y7 rewards assembly last week and had some great winners. Robert Morris and Olivia Armson both won the very special 'Star Pupil' award for a great start to Year 7, enthusiasm, great effort in all lessons and involved in all aspects of school life. (Robert proudly showing his trophy in the picture).

7S won on quiz points and seem to be the most knowledgeable form within the year group.

7B won the most amount of achievement points with a whopping 1104.

7H appear to be the best behaved with only 19 behaviour points. Fantastic work Y7, keep it up!

Mrs Outterside told me that Year 11 have had a great week and have collected a staggering 331 achievement points. A2 lead the form leader board with 45 achievement points, S1 are in second place with 38 achievement points and L2 are in third place with 33 achievement points. Rachael Monk and Hannah Sutcliffe lead the individual pupil leader board with 9 achievement points! Congratulations to all pupils! Pupils in L1 have collected the lowest number of behaviour points, pupils in A1 have the highest attendance (99.05%) and pupils in A2 have the least number of lates. Well done to all forms!

The Year 11 football team have had a very successful run and have won all their matches. Scores were, 2-0, 5-0, 6-0 and 3-0! They are now in the semi-final of Wigan Schools. Congratulations to all boys: William Wiseman, Warren Paladino, Kieron Swannick, Connor Law, Sam Birch, Daniel Myers, James Bateman, Jamie Quinn, Dane Kenyon, Matthew Witherington, Harry Foulkes, Louis Isherwood, Lewis Wilson.

The following pupils have received nominations for the Leavers' Prize Draw, congratulations to all pupils for their efforts:

Ella Walker – Mrs Pritchard
George Chesworth -  Mrs Hollins
Lucas McDonald - Mrs Nuttall
Charlotte Gothard  - Mrs Nuttall
Jessica Collins -  Mrs Hooton
Alicia Cardiff  - Mrs Kyte
Nicole Billington -  Miss Thurgood-Parkes
Nolan Harrison -  Miss Thurgood-Parkes
Pippa Taylor  - Miss Thurgood-Parkes
Taylor Hughes -  Miss Thurgood-Parkes
Bob Baker -  Mrs Doolan
Jessica Lewis -  Mrs Doolan
Daniel Hunt  - Mr O'Callaghan
Lucinda Hewitt -  Mr O'Callaghan
Pippa Taylor -  Mr O'Callaghan
Georgia Banks -  Mr O'Callaghan
Alannah Webb -  Mr O'Callaghan
James Bateman -  Mr O'Callaghan
Louis Isherwood -  Mr O'Callaghan
Ben Porter -  Miss Asensio
Amalea Grundy -  Miss Asensio
Mia-Jo Melling -  Miss Asensio
Max Lucas -  Miss Asensio
Jessica Collins -  Miss Asensio
Rachael Monk -  Miss Asensio
Jessica Lewis -  Miss Asensio
Lauren Jones -  Miss Asensio
Conor Law  - Miss Asensio
Georgia McVeigh -  Miss Asensio
Isabelle Hudson -  Miss Asensio
Katie Lomax -  Miss Asensio
Joseph Pate -  Miss Asensio
Adam Lavin -  Miss Asensio
Joanna Smith -  Miss Asensio
Krystyna Szczerba -  Miss Asensio
Gracie O'Gorman -  Miss Asensio
Nicole Shearer -  Miss Asensio
Jack Davies -  Mr Travis
Ethan Robertson  - Mr Travis


Posted by Mrs G Taylor on 21 November 2017

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